Saturday, 23 July 2011

Have you just bought

Checking with a couple of domain name sellers, I see that is still available, as is practically every other option -,, and so on.

However, while 1and1 and 123-reg both list as available, says that it's taken.

Has the .eu domain just now been bought, and the information hasn't had time to filter through to the whole of the internet? Or has UK2 just got it wrong?

If it has been bought, it would be a remarkable coincidence if that just happened by chance right after I started blogging about the name's potential. It's far more likely, I think, that someone saw this blog and thought "why not".

So, if you've just bought and you're lurking in the background here, why not step into the light and introduce yourself? Click where it says "0 comments". That's what the link is for. Let us know what your plans are for the domain. Go on! There's no need to be shy!

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